Thursday, October 20, 2005


The federal budget shouldn’t be confusing. To de-mystify it we need to ask two questions. What do we want the Government to do for the citizens? What are our priorities? I would rather fight about the very short list of priorities below than Gay marriage, religion in school, abortion and the death penalty. Take back the debate, talk about your national priorities for spending and get the wedge issues off the table, we can always go back to them.

Lets create 3 categories: Essential services at home, Essential foreign spending, and Non-essential services at home.

Here is my list in order of priority: What is yours?

Essential Services at Home
Safety (police and fire)
Public education (tied with safety)
Single payer health insurance (for everyone)
Clean air, clean water
Research for alternative energy sources
Protect the (environment) i.e., natural barriers (Like the wetlands off New Orleans)
Fund pure research projects in the Nations Universities
Public transportation systems
Maintain an all volunteer military

Essential Foreign Spending
Fund the program to collect every loose nuke in the former Soviet Union
Fund the programs in the UN to provide health and education services to the world’s poor
Fund programs in the UN for peace-keeping missions supported by the UN

Non Essential Spending
Highway spending
NASA space missions
Corporate subsidies

Now, get busy talking about things that really matter; make your voice heard and insist on your priorities.


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