Friday, October 21, 2005

Lets Budget Some Sanity

I know the country is short on cash, or at least us poor folk are. We used to have a surplus expressed in trillions of dollars. Of course most of that money is gone back to the top 1% wealthy elite in the form of tax cuts. They were going to re-invest it so we all could have jobs. Five years later and the number of new jobs created are not keeping pace with the new entrants to the job market. Then there are those weapons of mass destruction we had to find, boy that cost a fortune, so now George has gotten his wish: Starve the beast. There is one small hitch he has made the beast bigger even more voracious. We are all starving right along with the government; well not all, but 99% are starving, that 1% at the top is just fine, thank you very much.
Now, there is a congressional budget fight on how to free up some money to help pay to turn the lights on in Washington DC. So what is the boy wonder and his pals going to do? They are going to cut health care benefits for the elderly, such as Medicaid, along with food stamps, pension guarantees and unemployment insurance programs; hardly a vision of a compassionate conservative. Did it ever occur to these geniuses that they could roll back their tax cut to the top 1% who have more money that the rest of us put together and put the country back on its feet?
I would like to propose a line item in the budget: Sanity as expressed in common sense.
Therefore, I propose we roll back the tax cut or we wont fund the war. I figure that’s a fight worth fighting. Take away all the smoke and mirrors, like evolution, abortion, death penalty, gay marriage all of the wedge issues, lets put them down long enough to get the country back in the black. Lets not ask the most needy and the elderly to support the top 1% wealthiest elite.


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