Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Maverick by Any Other Name is a Republican

John McCain is a Republican cut from the same cloth that brought you the last eight years. Just to review the facts: Eight years ago there was a three Trillion dollar surplus that the Republicans inherited. What has been their stewardship with that inheritance? Not only is it gone, but the next administration inherits one of the biggest deficits in our history. The current deficit is expected to be 400 billion, add to that an additional 700 billion proposed by the current Bush administration to buy their way out of bad fiscal policy and the deficit is over a trillion bucks. We were told 7 years ago the three trillion dollars surplus would be returned to Wall Street and would create jobs. I believe this is referred to as the trickle-down theory. The tax cuts went to the top one percent of the nation’s wealthiest. In spite of the unprecedented tax-cut this Republican administration has presided over the worst job-creation performance since Herbert Hoover and the Great Depression. Wouldn’t it be great to have that 3 trillion back? Now, McCain wants to give the oil companies 3 billion in tax breaks.
Security is supposed to be a natural strength of the Republican Party; the facts say otherwise. This administration was asleep at the switch prior to 9/11. Rice was inept as was the entire Bush team and the result was 19 nut cases walked, unchallenged, through a joke airport security system, high-jacked 4 planes simultaneously and succeeded in killing 3000 people. This happened after repeated warnings to the Bush administration from people like Richard Clarke who had served in several Republican administrations.
We went to war in Iraq, illegally, which had nothing to do with 9/11 after leaving the capture of Bin Laden to another day. As of this writing, “another day” is not here yet. McCain is still fixed on Iraq; he wants to “win”. Win what? Saddam is dead, the country is destroyed. Bush said: “. When the Iraqis stand up we will stand down” The Iraqis have had an election and the president of Iraq has asked the Americans to leave and let the Iraqis sort out their problems, Neither Bush nor McCain wants to leave Iraq. Both want to continue to spend 10 billion dollars a month occupying a country we have been unable to control for 5 years. Make no mistake about it, the surge did not work, what worked was the Anbar Sunni Arabs got fed up with the vicious Al Qaeda elements and took them out. That has been the fate of Al Qaeda in every country they have been in; they have been ousted by the local people because they are vicious killers.
Remember this: John McCain was one of the Keating 5. These were the people who precipitated the saving and loan debacle in the early 90’s and cost the American taxpayers 125 billion dollars to bail out failing US banks. More recently McCain chose as his campaign finance advisor Phil Gramm, who slipped in a 250 page time bomb into legislation back into the 90’s which culminated in the current financial disaster we find ourselves in. McCain does not show good judgment in finance and in national security.
Finally, John McCain’s choice of a VP is an insult to the American people. To have such a narrow minded and inept person a heart-beat away from the presidency should be a disqualifier in and of itself. Certainly, the rest of the world thinks Americans are stupid for electing George Bush twice.
We cannot afford another 4 years of the same bad government. John McCain is a republican and he believes in no government regulation, if you like the current financial mess we are in then he is your guy and he will provide more of the same. Maverick my foot, nice try McCain, but we know you are a republican just like George W. Bush we don’t need a maverick we need a leader. Vote for Obama.


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