Monday, August 27, 2007

Bush Not Terrorists Created The real Dangers At Home

Alberto Gonzales resigned his position as US Attorney General August 27, 2007 effective September 17, 2007. The news shows / pundits are full of the typical analysis. Almost to a person the administration spokespersons defended Gonzales as person faced with a new set of circumstances brought-on by 9/11, because of that Bush supporters believe Gonzales was correct in erring on the extreme side to protect the country.
There is nothing new about terrorism in the United States. There are no new circumstances. We only have to go back to 1991 and 1995 to find terrorist events that shook the confidence of the American public.
There were similarities between September 11, and Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building destruction by American terrorist Timothy McVeigh in 1995. There were similarities between the original World Trade Center explosion in 1991 by Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman and 9/11. The similarities were that in each case each person involved was a terrorist. All of the terrorist planned to blow up large buildings to maximize death and destruction to make a sick statement. The WTC was targeted twice.
McVeigh was arrested and executed while others like Rahman are serving a life sentence in Colorado. We did not have to resort to extraordinary measures in 91, and 95 like legalizing torture, eliminating Habeas Corpus, spying on all Americans, invading other countries enduring unprecedented secrecy and going to the brink of a constitutional crisis.
The Bush administration that failed to protect the American people on Sept.11, 2001 continues to use the 9/11 tragedy as an excuse to change the nature of the government to one of a unitary presidency, advocating premptive military strikes, eliminating congressional checks and balances and declairing everything a secret. GWB, with the help of Gonzales, has convinced Americans that because we are at war, just about anything GWB does is in the name of National Security. Bush started the war by going to Afghanistan to kill or capture Osama Bin Laden / Al Qeada. Through a series of lies, exagerations, missrepresentations and the lack of a press corp with gumption, GWB was able to invade Iraq, the eternal qugmire. Everything is framed in the "war on terror" paradigm.
Truthout's William Fisher writes in: "Bushes War On Terror Makes America Less Safe and Less Free". if we are to be safe in the twenty-first century, we need to be smart about counterterrorism, not just act tough. The Bush administration's 'war on terror,' by adopting coercive preventive measures, has not only sacrificed some of the deepest commitments of our democracy, but has garnered few terrorists and actually made us less safe. We need to treat the rule of law as an asset, not an obstacle, if we are to avoid creating a problem even bigger than the one we faced on 9/11."
There will always be McVeighs, Rahmans, and Bin Ladens; there have always been violent nutcases throughout history. They do not have the power to invade and defeat states. In-fact, Bin Laden has failed to foment a single rebellion in an Islamic country to overthrow any government. The only people who can bring down the USA are its citizens who allow people like Gonzales under the direction of Cheney, Bush to systematically eliminate our freedoms in the name of National security. Bush, Cheney and Gonzales not terrorists created the real dangers at home. The real danger is that they misuse the law to take away our hard fought freedoms.

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