Monday, February 19, 2007

One Bullet Away From Our Worst Nightmare

While George Bush carries on with exactly what Al-Qaeda wants him to do, namely continue the war in Iraq unabated, he is the useful crusader that Bin Laden needs to move from radical Arab outcast to a prophet. It is apparent from many sources that Afghanistan is becoming increasingly more dangerous for American and NATO military. This is due to the fact that Al-Qaeda has reconstituted its command structure, in Pakistan, and has had the good fortune of our president being re-elected (with Bin Laden’s help) to become the driving force of their terrorist enlistment campaign. Well-done George! The Taliban training camps in Waziristan, Pakistan are churning out fighters for Afghanistan. This is happening because George did not finish the job back in 2001 in Tora Bora. Instead he attacked Iraq, which posed no threat to us and left Bin Laden who did pose a threat to live to fight another day. Well, he is back thanks to Bush.
"In the face of the al-Qaeda comeback, the Bush administration is reportedly debating whether to launch military strikes inside Pakistan. But that would risk destabilizing the dictatorship of Gen. Pervez Musharraf and conceivably provoking the nightmare scenario of Islamic fundamentalists gaining control of Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal" according to Robert Parry, (Consortium Even without George’s help President Musharraf is a target of terrorist groups in Pakistan. There have been multiple unsuccessful attempts on his life in the past few years He is hated for his part in the original Afghanistan invasion and the routing of the Afghan Taliban. Pakistan is a nuclear power. In addition, to nuclear weapons they have missiles. India has similar armaments and is, for the moment an enemy of Pakistan. If Musharraf goes, or should I say when he goes, it is a safe bet that Pakistan will be a far greater threat than Iran. Pakistan is much closer to becoming a nuclear armed radical Islamic state than Iran. The Bush administration could have enjoyed a much better relationship with Iran stating in 2001 when they reached out to us. Instead, Bush has done everything in his power to pick a fight with Iran for the last six years one of George's few successes.We needed Iran to help us get Bin Laden. Iran closed the border from Afghanistan in 2001 resulting in the capture of several Al-Qaeda/Taliban. Presently we are bogged down in Iraq. At the same time Bush is picking a fight with Iran who could be helping us in Iraq and Afghanistan. If it were not for Bush and Cheny we would not be in Iraq. Relations with Iran would be on much better terms. Write to your Senator and Congressmen and demand in not very polite terms to oust the Bush regime. He is a danger equal to global warming. Impeach Cheny, then Bush.


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