Friday, January 12, 2007

Fool Me Once .... Again

President Bush has announced he will escalate the hostilities in Iraq by sending more troops into the civil war. The President's plan is more of the same, nothing new and it ignores the American people who voted for change in November. The military who disagreed with Bush are gone and a new command is in place. This current escalation is all about putting extra troops in place to defend Baghdad against Iraqi Shia outrage after we or the Israelis attack Iran and Syria. When the neocons talk about "finishing the job" they mean to finish what has been their intention all along; to do in Iran and Syria what they did in Iraq. The president has never explained his strategy. If he did no one would support it.
Bush forgets to mention that the Saudi’s are the biggest contributors to the Sunni backed civil war in Iraq, as he pins any and all outside interference on the Syrians and Iranians. President Bush was not straight with us before the 2003 invasion and he is not being straight with us now before the forthcoming 2007 escalation. Let the Congress ask this administration the tough questions, lets find out what this escalation is all about. Let’s fight the Bush Administration in the American Congress so we don't have to fight an angrier world in the Mid-East.


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