Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Land of The Free

The President has said that we are fighting in Iraq so that we don't have to fight in the streets of New York, Chicago and LA. Assuming that this mysterious army that is ready to invade our country could actually get to the US, breach Homeland Security and then expect to get past the street gangs much less the US Army is absurd on its face. The president says that the troops are in Iraq defending our liberties. This is the same guy who was sound asleep in August 2001 and didn’t get the meaning of the presidential brief “Bin Laden Determined to strike inside US”. Does anybody reading this editorial think Bin Laden is in Iraq? Does anybody still think that there are any WMD in Iraq? If you answered no then you have been paying attention. In fact neither Bin Laden nor WMD were in Iraq when we attacked the country. I was always under the impression that freedom of speech was one of those liberties that the president is so eager to defend. Last night at the State of the Union Address the freedom of speech liberty was about as scarce as WMD and Bin Laden in Iraq. Two women, one of whom, Cindy Sheehan, lost her son defending our liberties in Iraq was cuffed and walked out of the chamber because she was wearing a tee shirt with the number of dead American men and women printed on it. The number is 2245 dead. It also asks how many more? The second woman was Beverly Young who’s Tee Shirt read, “Support our troops defending our freedom” she was also ejected from the chamber for “protesting”. I have to tell you if the arresting officers had to take the MCAS test today and they had answered the question is “Support our troops defending our freedom” a protest, then I’m afraid they would not pass the high stakes test. Protest aside, in the land of the free, freedom of speech trumps angst for opposing views.


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