Monday, February 12, 2007

No Iran Preemptive War

It’s happening again and no one in the mainstream media is sounding the alarm. I am talking about this administration’s 6 year-old plan to launch a preemptive strike against Iran. There are now three carrier strike groups in the Gulf and a 20,000 troop “surge” either in or on their way to Iraq. The troops are being positioned to defend Baghdad against an Iraqi Shia outrage after we attack Iran. I thought we went to Iraq to (pick one) find WMD, Al Qaeda (showed up after we invaded), free Iraqis, bring Democracy, or get rid of Saddam but now it is becoming clear that we went to Iraq to create a base to invade Iran. This administration may well be the most duplicitous regime in American history they cannot be trusted. We need to do the following: Scott Ritter proposes ”an amendment to prohibit offensive military operations, covert or overt, being commenced by the United States of America against the Islamic Republic of Iran, without the expressed consent of the Congress of the United States. This amendment reserves the right of the President, commensurate with the War Powers Act, to carry out actions appropriate for the defense of the United States if attacked by Iran. However, any funds currently appropriated by Congress for use in support of ongoing operations by the United States Armed Forces are hereby prohibited from being allocated for any pre-emptive military action, whether overt or covert in nature, without the expressed prior consent by the Congress of the United States of America.”


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