Saturday, January 20, 2007

The total Cost of the Iraq Blunder.

The Iraq war is costly in terms of the human life lost. Over 3 thousand US killed and 9 times that many wounded. Then consider 650 thousand Iraqis killed with at least 9 times that many wounded. That is a whole lot of personal grief. Presently the Bush administration is cutting veterans benefits not expanding them. I think we owe our military the best care at no cost that modern medicine can provide; they have already paid a tremendous price. Welcome to George’s world where there is always a way to start wars and always a way to pay for wars. There is however not enough money to pay for our own military who need medical care, those who bravely sacrifice there lives and limbs for the president’s mistakes.
There is another cost that being the dollar cost of the war. It is now over 8 billion a month that is 100 billion a year. What would life be like for those families if they didn’t have to lose sons, daughters, mothers, and fathers? What would life be like in the US if each state got 2 billion dollars a year to use instead of paying for death and destruction in Iraq? President Bush would never consider to send back 2 billion dollars back to each state to use for schools, public transportation, or to secure the nation’s ports and transportation systems against internal or external threats (remember Timothy McVeigh?) Tell Bush to stop shooting and start talking.


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