Friday, February 16, 2007

The Man With The Answers

James Inhofe, "R" Senator, Oklahoma former chairman of the Senate Environental/Public Works committee never lets scientific facts stand in his way. He has his Bible and therefore the answer to all questions. His constituents believe that he is a “good Christian” and has their best interests at heart and therefore he will be elected on that alone. One can be a good Christian, carry a bible, have another person’s best interests at heart and still be as dumb as a post on many issues of public concern. When it comes to global warming and the emerging data from a world wide consortium of scientists that has formed a wall of consensus data pointing to human contributions to green house gasses Inhofe is deaf to the scientific community. It seems the oil industry has funded his campaign to the tune of $900,000; now we are talking scientific facts that add up. Global warming is global news. Even the energy producers and George Bush are smart enough to pay lip service to the recent avalanche public opinion.
But the nearer the issue of global warming has gotten to center stage the more vitriol Inhofe has poured on environmentalists, scientists and the media. Environmentalists became “Nazis,” the regulators at the Environmental Protection Agency were the “Gestapo,” the media’s references to global warming were a “hoax.” Says Richard L Fricker, Consortium News.
Now it’s Senator Inhof’s turn to produce his scientific peer reviewed papers reflecting his views on global warming/climate change. The Senator, as Chris Mooney would say, has misused science to obfuscate / deny the mainstream consensus of scientific study that has produced 900 peer reviewed papers that equate the rise of CO2 and other greenhouse gasses to human activity. The IPCC report presented in Paris France on February 2, 2007 is the definitive document on the subject. The number of peer reviewed papers and articles that support Senator Inhofe’s position are zero. In this regard Senator Inhofe’s position is a non-position that does not amount to a serious alternative scientifically supported point of view. He presents no credible evidence other than a deposit slip for $900,000.00 to substantiate his position. Of course, it is not in the oil companies best interest to have CO2 regulations on greenhouse gasses or other pollutants. Hence the digging in of heals by Inhofe. He is from the old school that says if you repeat something often enough, loudly enough, with a bit of impatience in your voice then it becomes the truth. Rather Orwellian I should think. Don’t worry Inhofe’s seat is safe, after all he is a good Christian, goes to church and has his bible ready to answer all of your questions. He is the man with the oil company's answers.


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