Saturday, October 18, 2008

Republican Mess Requires House Cleaning

It's time for Democratic values to lead the way

Looking back over the last eight years the landscape is littered with financial, military and social rubble. Americans deserve better than the false choices that are presented by Republican ideologues. We don't have to choose between freedoms in the Bill of Rights and the War on Terror. We don't have to fight them over there so we don't have to fight them here. These foolish "retail patriotisms" divide the country. While we are fighting about all of these divisive ideas, the Bush administration chips away at our hard won freedoms, like taking away habeas corpus. McCain will continue that tactic of wiping out our rights.Out of one side of his mouth McCain tells us our troops are fighting for our liberties on the battlefields of Iraq, and from the other side of his mouth he votes yes to take away our liberties on the floor of the Senate. We lose our troops over there, and our liberties over here; something is really screwed up with this picture.

Obama has the better tax plan. His plan will provide help where it is needed the most; it will help those at the lower end of the earnings scale. We are already upside down on property values due to the slumping real estate market. Reject the Bush tax cut. While you are voting, elect leaders focused on helping Main Street not placating Wall Street. Sweep out of office those who speak against financial regulation - vote for Obama.

Speaking of Wall Street, stocks are melting down and will be years in recovering. Business will take a hit because of the current credit restrictions, and shoppers are pulling back and being more cautious and frugal. All because of the conservative’s deregulation myth, that markets are self correcting. The republicans forgot to tell you that some market corrections are train-wrecks.

We continue to send ten billion dollars a month to Iraq which is already sporting a price tag in the trillions. (What is today’s reason for being in Iraq?) How do we support the world’s biggest most expensive military if McCain wants to excuse the top 5% wealthiest from paying taxes? His answer will be the same as Bush, cut Medicare and Social Security so he can keep sending $10 billion a month to Iraq. McCain’s plan is not acceptable. The Iraqis want us to leave, let’s get out and put that 10 billion to work over here.

Why should we excuse the top 5% wealthiest in our country from paying more taxes?
Bush said that a tax cut would stimulate business - that was 7 years ago …. Where is the new business? Where are the new jobs? Where is the prosperity? The Reagan years are over; there is no valid trickle down model. Promise the masses tax cuts but don’t mention that the tax cuts do not include payroll taxes which are what the vast majority of Americans pay. The Tax cuts it turns out are for corporations,on capital gains paid by successful investors and inheritance taxes paid only by multi-millionaires.

A vote for republicans will guarantee the social rubble is going to include no single payer national health care, reduced Social Security, and Medicare benefits. Add to that reduced funding for education at the local level and for college tuition; that will be part of the price of staying the course, and that will be the price of four more years of Republicans in the White House.
It’s time for a change: Vote for Obama.


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