Monday, January 18, 2010

Re: the healthcare debate or debacle.

Is Obama’s problem with getting credible healthcare reform one of being forced to compromise the original plan into oblivion? Is anyone looking at healthcare reform from a macro level then zooming into / identifying the various elements which are obscured by total right wing attacks from every direction? First we had the inaccurate muddying of the waters of the Acorn nonexistent reason that the economy failed because black people made the govt. give them loans they could not pay back, then we had the Birthers, followed by the Tea Baggers who along with the numbskull Palin made healthcare reform something that was going to be forced down people’s throats with death panels and a new name: Obama-care. All while the preceding is taking place the feeble economy, left in shambles by Bush, and is promptly blamed on Obama, is the background that poisons the air for all the other programs. With so many cannonballs flying at Obama from every direction not to mention the Blue Dogs in his own party blocking healthcare because the conservatives in their district are too stupid to know what is going on, believe the Tea-Baggers from last summer and because of that, the need for a couple of Republican votes to get anything to pass- he has had to negotiate the healthcare bill down to a shadow of its original self. The question is: What should he do? Where is the advice? He will get no help from the Republicans who want him to fail according to their leader … Rush Limbaugh so they can get back into power. So what is the approach from those of you who can write clearly and who have a portal to get information into the hands of those who can use it? The whole attack from the right needs to be analyzed and presented as rational story and explanation that will be heard and calm the fears of those who believe the garbage that the right passes off as fact. The left is out gunned by the grip the right has on the media. Maybe that is the first thing that is exposed. The left needs to push back hard and fast. Write letters or email your congressman, tell how you feel about the issues they need your feedback - they need guidance.


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