Sunday, February 26, 2012

Oklahoma Republican Congressman Provides Another Teaching Moment to the Young

Attention … young, impressionable, students of America. What follows is a Heartland lesson on negotiation and problem solving … so listen up kids; this is how problems are solved.
U.S. Rep. John Sullivan-R said that other than "going over there with a gun and pointing it to their heads and maybe killing a couple of 'em," the Senate wouldn’t pass the budget that the House passed last year.
This is the message from the Heartland Conservatives, the “Family Values” crowd. These people are guided by their religion and always ask: What would Jesus do? Evidentially, Jesus would buy a gun and go teach the opposition a lesson they would never forget. Great lesson plan John; is that what you learned in Sunday school?
Is this what the Heartland elects; people who think like thugs? If the opposition does not come around to our way of thinking … put a contract out on them?
I hope not. I would like to think they are better than that. This is what happens when hatred for others is consistently woven into the fabric of speech, when the daily discourse is destructive not constructive, when my beliefs, if they are different from yours, are described as anathema to God. It is always about what is wrong with the other guy not what an alternative plan would be.
It’s time for politicians to show a little more respect for their own constituency. Why take the low road and talk about shooting someone because they are viewed as misinformed. It is not the right message to send. It is wrong. It is not civil. We, the citizens on the left and the right, need to call-out our elected officials and warn them that our votes will find other candidates if imprudent remarks cause those of their own party to be embarrassed by thoughtless, ignorant, language. Smarten up numbskull, if a high school kid used language like that they would be suspended and face possible charges for making violent threats. You need to re-read your “family values” book, or is shooting those with whom you disagree one of those “Family Values” that liberals don’t get?


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