Saturday, March 03, 2012

Crab Grass On The Putting Green Of Life

As for Limbaugh's remarks, Fluke said, "I just thought that they were really outside the bounds of civil discourse."
Frankly, I share Ms. Fluke’s sentiments regarding Limbaugh’s remarks. However, Limbaugh consistently figures out ways to say things to elicit the maximum approval from his fans who get off on his lewd remarks. It is the rest of us who are like pedestrians in New York hurrying to work on a rainy morning when a big limo speeds by with Limbaugh in the back seat and splashes muddy water all over the unfortunates. Limbaugh splashes mud over the whole country. He drags his fans down to his level by virtue of their continued support, loyalty and their approval of his hateful antics; the pedestrians on their way to work are dragged into the mess by his vulgar proclamations and the resultant effluent that is splashed up by his uncivil remarks.
Remember this. Limbaugh has twenty million fans. I would hazard a guess that not one of them voted for President Obama in the last election. Like crabgrass on the putting green of life, that makes Limbaugh irrelevant to the election. The Republicans, on the other hand, need every one of Limbaugh’s twenty million fans who rejoice in his lewd remarks. I wonder which candidate(s) will kneel before Limbaugh to be anointed for the next election?


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