Friday, March 01, 2013

Boehner Acts Like A Wall Street Hedge Fund Manger: The country is in big trouble but he’s OK…Thanks for the sequester … jerk.

When in the past - was the US deficit at the level it is now? It was at this level when Bill Clinton took office and inherited it from Ronald Reagan. The deficit as measured as a % of GDP was the same then as it is now 5%. Roll the clock forward eight years and Bill Clinton leaves office and George W. Bush inherits what? A deficit? NO. He inherits a surplus. George Bush then proceeds to turn a budget surplus into a huge deficit. Not only did George hand off a deficit to the next administration but he had to blow away a surplus to do it.  As if that was not enough the Bush administration saw us through two of the worst stock market crashes since the Great depression. The last crash after he had been in office for 8 years with full control of the House, the Senate, and the Presidency for 6 years. It was only after he had made such a monumental mess of the country that the House majority swung back to Democratic control in 2006. It was too late to stop the downward spiral. We crashed, and we crashed hard. Exit GWB and enter Obama. The economic wasteland that Obama inherited was so bleak that it boggles the mind that the USA did not descend into a full blown depression worse than 1929. Obama faced not only financial crises but a Republican Party dead set against him succeeding at any program even if it ment getting laid off American workers back to work. The Republicans wanted Obama to be a one term president. Fortunately for Obama the Republicans that chose to run against Obama in 2012 were so far to the right as to scare the sanest of the populace into electing Obama for a second term.

The United States had go through one of the slowest recoveries because the Republicans took a pledge kneeling in front of their leaders and heroes Grover Norquist and Rush Limbaugh not to raise taxes on the richest one percent. The Republicans have given up their constitutional mandate to see that the debts of the nation are paid. The Republican Party is being run by two certifiable cranks, three if you count Wayne LaPierre.

Wake up Red State voters. You believed the Tea Party and other far-right hate mongers. You thought that by making it hard for Obama to succeed you would be kicking the liberals in the balls. Guess what - you just kicked yourself in the balls. The Red States will be hit the hardest by the “Sequester”. You see, the Red States receive more money from the government than they pay in taxes. The Blue States get less back from the government than they pay in taxes. The Blue States are on your side. Why don’t you have a conversation with your Republican Congressman that gets to the part - why this Sequester is a good deal for you?  What kind of Americans are the Tea Party that they would bring down the House that Patriotic Colonials created and died for? They would bring down the House that the WWII vets fought and died to save from Nazis and Fascists. Guess what; the Taliban are not destroying the fabric of democracy, Al Qaeda is not destroying the ability of the Republican Congress to govern. It’s the far right wing Tea Party Republicans that are taking the county apart piece by piece with the help of Boehner. The terrorists could never cause us this much grief. Obama gave up 1.6 trillion in cuts and asked for 600 billion in taxes. No deal because Grover will not like it one bit. Rush won’t approve because by negotiating - it will give the appearance of cooperating with the president and Rush said he “wants him (Obama) to fail”. Therefore, we take the country apart and you will suffer so Rush and Grover won’t have a tantrum.

You win Boehner. You broke it really bad this time. You can’t win an election on the national level; you have to resort to destroying one of the best deals ever: The United States of America. It is interesting to note that outside of the American borders the rest of the world cannot figure out why Americas elect Tea Party Republicans at all and neither can I.


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