Thursday, November 03, 2005

An Open Letter to George Bush

Dear President Bush:

Lets review some of your handiwork over the last 5 years. The ABM treaty is gone (kept us from nuclear war since Eisenhower) The Kyoto treaty is unworkable because of your aversion to honest science, and the resulting effects of global warming are punishing our nation. The nations of Islam and their moderate populations no longer trust us. You have grated against all of our European allies. 9/11 happened on your watch, you were asleep, and Rice was inept. The budget surplus is gone, even bigger deficits are back and what do we have to show for it? The CIA/ Plame cover-up worked. It did what it was supposed to do, it provided cover for the mean spirited cabal a year ago before/during the election, you got re-elected and it only cost you Libby (however, we will all enjoy the trial). The Supreme court is forever (my lifetime) packed with legislating reactionaries. The country is at war. Over 100,00 thousand Iraqis are dead, over 2000 US military are dead, 20,000 US military are seriously wounded, and a million Iraqis are seriously wounded. FEMA is broken, national security is a myth, our army is not invincible. The jobs recovery is a mess, the US is indebt, China has a brighter economic future than the USA. The press cannot differentiate between the demands of religious sects and solid moral values, and neither can you. We are in the middle of another Scopes trial. CPB is taken over by people trying to put public broadcasting out of business, or turn it into another right wing outlet.
Do us all a favor, fire Cheney, Bolton and Rumsfeld, go to Crawford and don’t do anything, don’t say anything or sign anything just take care of the dogs, go to church cut brush, and ride your bike.

I would thank you for your attention but you don’t read anything.


The Swing Voters.