Thursday, February 22, 2007

How To Unscramble The Omelet Of Death?

When destructive behavior prevails over common sense it is time to STOP and take stock. It is time to oust the Bush administration before the American example of rule of law is destroyed beyond repair. We have seen the congress cut and run from the responsibility to LEAD the country back to where it was on 9/10/2001. Heresy you say? No. What happened on 9/11 should not be the end of the Republic. It should have been the end of the Bush administration, which FAILED to protect the American citizens. Bush was out to lunch; Rice was and is an inept bureaucrat. Cheney is a morally bankrupt war hawk who single-handedly stopped any rapprochement with Iran in 2003 causing the Iranian moderates to be expelled from power and setting up the current dangerous war of words and dispatching three battle groups into the Gulf. New documents released show that by refusing to talk to the Iranians in 2003 Cheney spit on an opportunity to normalize relations and turn the heat down in the Mid East. In addition Cheney outted one of our own CIA agents in an attempt to cover up a lie being used to start a war. I call that High Crimes and Misdemeanors. Where is your sense of OUTRAGE? Are the houses of Congress filled with cowards? Stand up for your country and remove these dissemblers from office and give us back our country.
I appreciate the outspoken opposition of Senate and House leaders to President Bush's dangerous escalation of the war in Iraq.

It is time for Congress to take action to stop the war in Iraq and begin to redeploy our troops, while holding the Bush administration fully accountable for its actions.

As the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Defense considers the President's call for an additional $93 billion to escalate the war, the time to act is now! Tell the president no $93 billion unless he rolls back the tax cuts. Then, have the debate - no holds barred in the House and Senate on how to unscramble the omelet of death Bush has cooked up in Iraq. Remember, this is Bush’s war. He lied and created the problem for which there is no good solution. Why do we want a person like that as president?

I urge you, therefore, to use your powers to stop the President's escalation of the Iraq war and to begin the redeployment of U.S. troops! Then, begin the impeachment hearings, Cheney first, and then Bush. The people have spoken; now get on with their work.

Monday, February 19, 2007

One Bullet Away From Our Worst Nightmare

While George Bush carries on with exactly what Al-Qaeda wants him to do, namely continue the war in Iraq unabated, he is the useful crusader that Bin Laden needs to move from radical Arab outcast to a prophet. It is apparent from many sources that Afghanistan is becoming increasingly more dangerous for American and NATO military. This is due to the fact that Al-Qaeda has reconstituted its command structure, in Pakistan, and has had the good fortune of our president being re-elected (with Bin Laden’s help) to become the driving force of their terrorist enlistment campaign. Well-done George! The Taliban training camps in Waziristan, Pakistan are churning out fighters for Afghanistan. This is happening because George did not finish the job back in 2001 in Tora Bora. Instead he attacked Iraq, which posed no threat to us and left Bin Laden who did pose a threat to live to fight another day. Well, he is back thanks to Bush.
"In the face of the al-Qaeda comeback, the Bush administration is reportedly debating whether to launch military strikes inside Pakistan. But that would risk destabilizing the dictatorship of Gen. Pervez Musharraf and conceivably provoking the nightmare scenario of Islamic fundamentalists gaining control of Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal" according to Robert Parry, (Consortium Even without George’s help President Musharraf is a target of terrorist groups in Pakistan. There have been multiple unsuccessful attempts on his life in the past few years He is hated for his part in the original Afghanistan invasion and the routing of the Afghan Taliban. Pakistan is a nuclear power. In addition, to nuclear weapons they have missiles. India has similar armaments and is, for the moment an enemy of Pakistan. If Musharraf goes, or should I say when he goes, it is a safe bet that Pakistan will be a far greater threat than Iran. Pakistan is much closer to becoming a nuclear armed radical Islamic state than Iran. The Bush administration could have enjoyed a much better relationship with Iran stating in 2001 when they reached out to us. Instead, Bush has done everything in his power to pick a fight with Iran for the last six years one of George's few successes.We needed Iran to help us get Bin Laden. Iran closed the border from Afghanistan in 2001 resulting in the capture of several Al-Qaeda/Taliban. Presently we are bogged down in Iraq. At the same time Bush is picking a fight with Iran who could be helping us in Iraq and Afghanistan. If it were not for Bush and Cheny we would not be in Iraq. Relations with Iran would be on much better terms. Write to your Senator and Congressmen and demand in not very polite terms to oust the Bush regime. He is a danger equal to global warming. Impeach Cheny, then Bush.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Beware Theocracy

The United States is a beacon of freedom for the rest of the world to emulate. It is a republic not a theocracy. Why? The founding fathers looked to Europe and saw the alliance of State Governments with Religion. The alliance allowed the Government to exercise religious authority and political authority over its citizens. Absolute power is far too much power for mere mortals to have. The founders saw this and rejected the idea of an official State Religion. We need governments of men and women, people with whom we can argue and throw out if we cannot reach an agreement. We need laws that flow from the people and are enforced by elected governments. We need governments of men and women who understand that all people have a right to worship or not worship their chosen deity. When governments get into the religion business one thing is clear. One form of one religion is chosen to the exclusion of all others. This is never the end of troubles, it is the beginning of trouble. Insist on your right to worship as you please. Insist on your brothers and sisters right to worship as they please. Render to the government that which is the governments and to your chosen God that which is Gods. Do not render to the Government the right to establish close ties with religion or to form an official state religion. If the alliance between Church and State rises again then it will cloak itself in the divine right to rule and will extinguish America’s beacon of freedom.

Friday, February 16, 2007

The Man With The Answers

James Inhofe, "R" Senator, Oklahoma former chairman of the Senate Environental/Public Works committee never lets scientific facts stand in his way. He has his Bible and therefore the answer to all questions. His constituents believe that he is a “good Christian” and has their best interests at heart and therefore he will be elected on that alone. One can be a good Christian, carry a bible, have another person’s best interests at heart and still be as dumb as a post on many issues of public concern. When it comes to global warming and the emerging data from a world wide consortium of scientists that has formed a wall of consensus data pointing to human contributions to green house gasses Inhofe is deaf to the scientific community. It seems the oil industry has funded his campaign to the tune of $900,000; now we are talking scientific facts that add up. Global warming is global news. Even the energy producers and George Bush are smart enough to pay lip service to the recent avalanche public opinion.
But the nearer the issue of global warming has gotten to center stage the more vitriol Inhofe has poured on environmentalists, scientists and the media. Environmentalists became “Nazis,” the regulators at the Environmental Protection Agency were the “Gestapo,” the media’s references to global warming were a “hoax.” Says Richard L Fricker, Consortium News.
Now it’s Senator Inhof’s turn to produce his scientific peer reviewed papers reflecting his views on global warming/climate change. The Senator, as Chris Mooney would say, has misused science to obfuscate / deny the mainstream consensus of scientific study that has produced 900 peer reviewed papers that equate the rise of CO2 and other greenhouse gasses to human activity. The IPCC report presented in Paris France on February 2, 2007 is the definitive document on the subject. The number of peer reviewed papers and articles that support Senator Inhofe’s position are zero. In this regard Senator Inhofe’s position is a non-position that does not amount to a serious alternative scientifically supported point of view. He presents no credible evidence other than a deposit slip for $900,000.00 to substantiate his position. Of course, it is not in the oil companies best interest to have CO2 regulations on greenhouse gasses or other pollutants. Hence the digging in of heals by Inhofe. He is from the old school that says if you repeat something often enough, loudly enough, with a bit of impatience in your voice then it becomes the truth. Rather Orwellian I should think. Don’t worry Inhofe’s seat is safe, after all he is a good Christian, goes to church and has his bible ready to answer all of your questions. He is the man with the oil company's answers.

Monday, February 12, 2007

No Iran Preemptive War

It’s happening again and no one in the mainstream media is sounding the alarm. I am talking about this administration’s 6 year-old plan to launch a preemptive strike against Iran. There are now three carrier strike groups in the Gulf and a 20,000 troop “surge” either in or on their way to Iraq. The troops are being positioned to defend Baghdad against an Iraqi Shia outrage after we attack Iran. I thought we went to Iraq to (pick one) find WMD, Al Qaeda (showed up after we invaded), free Iraqis, bring Democracy, or get rid of Saddam but now it is becoming clear that we went to Iraq to create a base to invade Iran. This administration may well be the most duplicitous regime in American history they cannot be trusted. We need to do the following: Scott Ritter proposes ”an amendment to prohibit offensive military operations, covert or overt, being commenced by the United States of America against the Islamic Republic of Iran, without the expressed consent of the Congress of the United States. This amendment reserves the right of the President, commensurate with the War Powers Act, to carry out actions appropriate for the defense of the United States if attacked by Iran. However, any funds currently appropriated by Congress for use in support of ongoing operations by the United States Armed Forces are hereby prohibited from being allocated for any pre-emptive military action, whether overt or covert in nature, without the expressed prior consent by the Congress of the United States of America.”