Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Restore Habeas Corpus

A memo to Congress:
Restore Habeas Corpus immediately. We the people are not afraid of the phantasmagoria fabricated by the Bush administration. We see through the ruse to create fear and stampede the people into foolish security based decisions at the expense of hard won freedoms. The people know the difference between 19 religious nuts who were able to walk through the worlds worst airport security, hi-jack planes and crash them into buildings and a real military with advanced technological capabilities. Put Habeas Corpus back in the Bill Of Rights, put the US army back in the USA, put the State Department back on the table and put the police department and security apparatus back on the street to go after the bad guys. Daniel Ellsberg says in Consortium News: "I am shocked by the Republicans today that I read in the Washington Post who yesterday threatened a filibuster if we … get back habeas corpus. The ruling out of habeas corpus with the help of the Democrats did not get us back to George the First it got us back to before King John 700 years ago in terms of counter-revolution."
In this piece Daniel Ellsberg describes a unitary executive branch that exists today. He says we are already a police state. The US has demonstrated for more than two hundred years that we can live life in reasonable security and survive some pretty bad actors under the rule of law and with Habeas Corpus..
Those of you who support restoration of Habeas Corpus Pick up a copy of “Profiles in Courage”, pass it around to the other members of congress, some of them seem to be running short of the essential ingredient; the rest of your colleagues are invincibly ignorant elected by citizens with no other qualification other than being old enough to vote which is all the more reason to have courage, speak the truth, and lead. This is not the country the “Greatest Generation” fought to save.