Monday, October 03, 2011

Hoax: My Ass

Welcome to the new normal - extreme weather. How has it affected me? Sunday August 28, 2011 hurricane Irene, downgraded to a tropical storm before it hit southeastern Massachusetts blew down a pine tree with a 3 foot diameter base which crashed into my house, destroying the roof. Last winter, endless snow storms made more vigorous by warmer winter temps carried more moisture which fell as snow. The excessive amount of snow blocked the ability of my attic to shed heat and caused ice dams that in turn caused melting snow water to back up into my house damaging ceilings, walls and floors. Numerous and severe thunderstorms were spawned this spring only a few miles west of my home in Massachusetts - some of which developed into severe tornadoes destroying homes businesses and lives -- all while the path of these killer storms narrowly missed my town. I am talking about Massachusetts not northern Maine, or tornado ally in the mid-west. Massachusetts has had its share of bad storms in the past; however, the frequency was measured in decades not months. The new normal is here … extreme heat, cold, drought, floods. Extreme and frequent violent weather needs energy to grow to that category. Heat is the energy that drives weather patterns. The planet is warmer, there is more heat therefore the storms are going to be more frequent and more severe. It is simple physics, oh wait…the right does not like science, and they don’t believe the world’s science community can read a thermometer.
Corporate America does not want to hear that the cause of global warming is anthropomorphic. The right does not want to hear that the concept of global warming exists. The right wants to govern the country but we know they cannot govern, hell; they can’t even read a thermometer. Look at the mess that Obama inherited and the road blocks he has faced less he solve problems. We are feeling the effects of climate change right now even in a relatively quiet place like Massachusetts and if the Republicans take over again we better start thinking about making caves our house of choice once again.